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About Edel Grass BV

Artificial grass. It’s been in our genes for more than 30 years!

Nowadays, Edel Grass is a worldwide operating, innovative, and leading company, creating artificial grass solutions beyond our borders for sports and landscaping purposes. Thanks to our most qualified and experienced people, a rich history, and extensive knowledge, we’ve earned our place in thinking, supplying, and building artificial grass projects.

The company behind the color

  • Founded as family-owned company in 1918
  • Artificial grass producer since 1984
  • 100% acquired by Antea Group in 2016
  • Based in the carpet manufacturing capital of The Netherlands
  • Experienced and dedicated people
  • Developer of premium grass systems
  • Recreational to top sport use solutions
  • Preferred producer for leading int. sports federations

Partners & clients worldwide refer to Edel Grass as one of the most reliable and enjoyable companies to work with.

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Figure us out


+ 30 proud & loyal


+ 35 years


FIFA, FIH, World Rugby


+ 150 certified

m2 /year

± 3.000.000


± 7.500 m


+ 5.000 full size


+ 100 countries

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