Edel Hybridblade

Maintenance-friendly field with natural esthetics

A mixture of diamond shaped yarns and an XP fibrillated tape, which becomes curly after splitting. This prevents the performance infill from ‘splashing’. When a soccer field has to have good esthetics besides excellent performing capabilities, Edel Hybridblade delivers. It offers perfect conditions for bio and/or cork-filled systems. The combined yarns and a high Dtex of 18.700/7, make sure that the infill stays in place and excellent wear and tear is provided. On top of that, Edel Hybridblade offers a maintenance-friendly soccer system.

  • Dual-shaped resilience
  • Eliminates infill splash
  • Natural tricolor


  • Extreme durable and resilient soccer field
  • Natural looking field surface
  • Optimal grip and torsion properties
  • Low frictional resistance
  • Perfect ball behaviour


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