PlayGrass synthetic grass field

Playing areas nowadays have to stand the toughest tests in town. They need to be safe, sustainable, and suitable for any type of playing. Our synthetic grass fields combine safety with a bright and colorful appearance. They are soft enough to protect our dearest and strong enough to last a lifetime! So have fun and play, it’s OK! Combined with a shock-pad, our PlayGrass creates safe playing environments for children.

The Edel Grass PlayGrass collection is the perfect synthetic grass field to create safe and durable surfaces for child playgrounds and mini-pitches for multisport use. Combined with a shock-pad (depending on thickness), impacts from falling heights up to 3 meters are still safe and within HIC (Head Injury Criterion).


Edel Grass PlayGrass collection

Edel Grass loves to help you find the perfect synthetic grass field for your PlayGrass project. We offer a variation of synthetic grass products for landscaping and playing purposes at home or leisure applications, such as hotel or pool areas. Edel Grass also offers interesting solutions for urban playgrounds and public playing areas for children. Anything is possible! Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons why you should make the choice for an Edel Grass synthetic grass field in your garden:

Key points of our synthetic grass fields

  • Suitable for playgrounds and mini-pitches
  • Hard-wearing fibrillated yarn
  • 7 unicolors
  • Ideal for flexible designs
  • Certified HIC values up to 3 meters
  • 100% EU Quality – Made in The Netherlands

In the categories below you will find our synthetic grass field portfolio sorted by category. Please let our sales department advise you in selecting the best yarn to build your perfect synthetic grass field. For more information or advice regarding your PlayGrass project, call +31 38 425 00 50 or send an email to

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