Edel Grass wants to be a leading partner in the development, manufacturing, sale and Installation of
sustainable and high-quality artificial grass systems for sport and landscaping purposes. We proudly and
gladly accept responsibility by using our knowledge to create a sustainable future.

Common values

Edel Grass promotes four common values: enterprise, focus on development, focus on people and social
awareness. These values determine how the company and its employees think and behave towards one
another and the world around them.

Edel Grass within Society

Edel Grass feels it has a responsibility to offer people high quality and sustainable solutions in a socially and
economically justifiable manner.
Edel Grass believes in fair competition and operates in accordance with this principle. We are also
independent and professional, and are regarded as a trusted member of society. Our company also wants
to enhance the reputation and standing of our sector as a whole. Naturally, integrity plays a very important
role in this undertaking.

Edel Grass and business partners

Our company collaborates with business partners in various fields. And the principles established in this
company code of conduct serve as the benchmark for all these collaborations. We place great emphases on
integrity, loyalty and transparency.

Edel Grass and shareholders

Edel Grass serves the financial interests of its shareholders by aiming to realize good returns on its

Edel Grass and health, safety and well-being

The Health & Safety Act serves as the framework for our policy concerning Health, Safety and Well-being.
The Health & Safety policy of Edel Grass BV is aimed at creating appropriate working conditions; the
protection, safety and well-being of employees and visitors; and improving the welfare of employees. The
Board will take all measures within its powers to make sure this Health & Safety policy is understood,
executed and maintained. The Health & Safety objectives/plans established by the Board will be ratified
during the meeting of the board (MotB).

Edel Grass and employees

Edel Grass offers employees a healthy, safe and challenging working environment where they are able to
work with respect for one another.

Edel Grass is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in employment. We select and treat individuals
on the basis of their merits, abilities and skills without making any differences in race, colour, nationality,
sex or age.

That means that all employees have equal opportunities within employment. The ability to perform in their
job will be the most relevant consideration.

Edel Grass expects from their employees to co-operate with this policy to prevent any discrimination.
Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who breaches this policy.

In selecting new employees, Edel Grass will ensure that the selection is based on the individual’s
qualifications and abilities.

Employees have a personal responsibility to develop their knowledge and skills. And Edel Grass will offer
enough opportunities and support for them to do so, bearing in mind the company’s policy and the
available talent.

On a yearly bases the employees are interviewed on their possibilities to develop in knowledge, abilities
and personal attitude. The employees have access to a large training program of Antea group, offering
training in communication abilities, leadership, project management, time management and personal

Edel Grass thinks it is very important to have committed employees. Management and employees feel it is
important to have clear decision-making processes, effective communication and open access to
information. Co-determination plays an important role in the company’s consultation structure.

Employees and Edel Grass

All employees subscribe to the company’s objective of working on the basis of common values. They must
be open and honest to one another and be trusted to honour their word. They must have a sense of
responsibility, respect for other opinions and make decisions which are consistent with the goals and
strategy of the company.

Management will serve as a role model when it comes to complying with this company code of conduct.
Management will be responsible for creating a setting where employees work together and dare to address
one another about suitable behaviour. And everyone can be addressed, irrespective of their position.

Employees must have a critical outlook and be cost-conscious and creative. They must be open towards
one another, give each other feedback and feel responsible for obtaining and supplying information. They
should aim to be successful together, and focus on the core principles of mutual respect and cooperation.
Employees must feel responsible for their personal development and behave accordingly.

Employees must abstain from actions which could damage the reputation of Edel Grass, and must behave
in accordance with common norms. Sexual harassment, racist comments, discrimination, verbal or physical
aggression, abuse and sexual intimidation are unacceptable.

Employees must make sure conflicts of interests cannot take place between them and the company, due to
other positions they hold or financial interests outside the company.

Employees must treat company property, and property belonging to clients, with great care. They must
only use company equipment and company information for the intended purpose when performing their
activities. This also applies to the equipment and information of clients. Employees must treat all client
information with confidentiality.

Compliance with the company code of conduct

All employees are responsible for complying with this code of conduct in a manner befitting their position
within the organisation. Compliance will be one of the topics addressed during annual appraisals. An
integrity helpdesk has been established, which all employees can use should they encounter problems
concerning compliance with this company code of conduct.

Edel Grass has incorporated this code of conduct into its management systems. Continuous attention is
given to compliance at individual and collective level.

Genemuiden, October 2019

Edel Grass code of conduct